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Koyaniquatsi in the Grand Canyon

June 26th, 2011

all is dark & night
a life of gray
dazzled by the light
not blinded by the shadow
so I mental map
my place
and where
I hope to go
mirror mapping
what I do
and do not know

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  1. A Dark Ally says:

    Hello Tumbleweed 🙂

    I am thinking of including this, your poetic license-salon12b as part an aggregated blog in the website I’m developing for my social entrepreneurial venture.

    This poem appears between a post on “The Design of Health” and something on race & pop culture. I am not sure how well the strategy is going to work in practice; for now it is experimental. I quite like the idea, though, of interspersing analysis and critique with your poetry.

    Koyaniquatsi is the underriding motivation for The Learning Labs for Resiliency.

    Enjoy the desert!

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