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TrueBlood Season 4 Episode 1 Roundtable – “She’s Not There”

June 27th, 2011

It’s baaaaaaack!

Racialicious has been obsessed with True Blood since it began, and its teasing around modern politics, civil rights, women’s rights, and queer rights. Our crew is definitely Team Tara, Team Lafayette, and Team Alcide…but is Team Eric ascending? When we last left Bon Temps, Tara was getting the hell out of town after beating Franklin’s head in – unfortunately, that fool was still alive, and it took a wooden bullet from Jason Stackhouse to send him on. Lafayette and Jesus had been on a roller coaster ride to mystical points unknown, Sam reconnected with his dark side, Sookie was so through with vamps that she headed to the land of the Fae, and Russell Edgington pulled out someone’s spine on national television. Let’s just relive that last moment:

The season four opener did not disappoint. The roundtable this week is: Latoya Peterson, Jordan St. John, Amber Jones, Kendra Pettis, and Alea Adigweme.

After the jump – a FULL OF SPOILERS, minute by minute roundtable, plus some random Vampire Diaries and Buffy the Vampire Slayer cross chat…

Warning: We talked for 90 minutes. This is an epically long roundtable.

Sookie’s Adventures in Fairyland

Sookie in Fairyland

[9:04:38 PM] Kendra: Great! I have somehow managed to avoid every single preview//interview shown, so I’m like… completely in the dark as to what’s going to happen in the first 8 minutes.
[9:04:46 PM] Amber Jones: yes! hi!
[9:04:52 PM] Alea: Ah. I watched the preview
this morning.
[9:05:20 PM] Latoya Peterson: Fairyland looks like it’s in a bodice ripping novel? I keep expecting “Lord Bill” to come from the trees and ravage Sookie.
[9:05:54 PM] Latoya Peterson: Also, can I just say it looks like a set I’d see on Xena: Warrior Princess? Feels like somewhere Aries would hang out..
[9:05:58 PM] Jordan: did some people get the memo about the dress code and some people missed it?
[9:06:04 PM] Kendra: I think so
[9:06:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: My boyfriend goes: There are hipster faeries?
[9:06:16 PM] Alea: Yes!
[9:06:22 PM] Amber Jones: Lol! Yes–tuxedos and shirtless men? I don’t know. It doesn’t seem very consistent…
[9:06:26 PM] Kendra: Though one of the reasons I watch this show is because of the wardobe, tbh. I think it’s amazingly accurate to the average budget of the place– lower to middle class.
[9:06:28 PM] Alea: Hipster, English fairies.
[9:07:16 PM] Jordan: why does her fairy have an accent? Were there not enough authentic british faries to go around…
[9:07:24 PM] Latoya Peterson: Hey, it’s the bell guy from the Vamp Sex hotel! Heeeeyy! Just when we thought he was dead…
[9:07:26 PM] Alea: The foreshadowing is so over-the-top.
[9:07:34 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea, agreed.
[9:07:40 PM] Alea: This is so Biblical.
[9:07:43 PM] Latoya Peterson: Black fairy spotting!
[9:07:48 PM] Jordan: Gary Cole!
[9:07:53 PM] Alea: !!!
[9:08:19 PM] Alea: Love Gary Cole so much.
[9:08:25 PM] Latoya Peterson: Is that who that is? I just had a Kevin Bacon flashback, thought he was about to recruit Sook to the darkside…
[9:08:36 PM] Jordan: hahahaha
[9:08:45 PM] Amber Jones: Ha! The resemblance to Kevin Bacon is pretty serious! I definitely had a similar thought process.

The show cuts away from the scene and goes back to the intro.

[9:08:56 PM] Kendra: Hmm, stuff’s been added to
the opening. More 1960s-ish looking footage?
[9:09:16 PM] Latoya Peterson: Yeah, lots of people [being listed as regulars]…
[9:09:50 PM] Latoya Peterson: Can I just say I’m on Tara and Lafayette watch this whole season?
[9:10:06 PM] Kendra: I’m waiting to see if anyone decides to care that Tara was repeatedly abused all last season
[9:10:12 PM] Kendra: Aside from Lafayette.
[9:10:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: I was sooooo glad to see her with a gun in the promos. Girl, it is Louisiana, it had been time to get a firearm.
[9:11:03 PM] Jordan: I haven’t seen what tara’s hair is doing this season. It is wrong I’m so curious
[9:11:18 PM] Kendra: I assumed it was a long perm? It didn’t look braided anymore.
Amber: @Jordan It is never wrong to be curious! I’m also interested in the switch. I’m pretty sure it’s a long weave. Although, I don’t know how she’s going to maintain that between the heat and all the blood spattering…I’m just sayin.

Show returns to Sookie in Fairyland.

[9:10:55 PM] Alea: Sookie looks like she’s always about to get virgin-sacrificed to some Pagan deity.
[9:11:00 PM] Kendra: …okay, what was that?
[9:11:01 PM] Alea: Trouble in the Garden of Eden!
[9:11:23 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea – ummhmm – her Sundresses may be part of it
[9:11:34 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL Sookie you fool! Everyone is telepathic!
[9:11:36 PM] Alea: They’re pretty much all cut the same.
[9:11:44 PM] Alea: I know, right?
[9:11:54 PM] Alea: I love the faerie jewelry here.
[9:11:57 PM] Latoya Peterson: Oooooooooo
[9:11:57 PM] Jordan: ohhh… evil fairy
[9:12:08 PM] Amber: Sookie would have to go and make everybody mad. She’s so good at that.
[9:12:12 PM] Alea: Soylent green!
[9:12:33 PM] Alea: Sookie’s got serious power.
[9:12:52 PM] Jordan: it’s fairy warfare
[9:13:03 PM] Jordan: fairy bombs
[9:13:03 PM] Kendra: I do not remember ANY of this from the books.
[9:13:06 PM] Latoya Peterson: Now this looks better!
[9:13:06 PM] Alea: Totes. A civil war in a desert.
[9:13:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: Deadly sparkles!
[9:13:16 PM] Jordan: oh they are so not following the books right now…
[9:13:20 PM] Kendra: This is reminding me more and more of Xena.
[9:13:22 PM] Latoya Peterson: This needs to come out for PS3!!!
[9:13:41 PM] Alea: The effects are kind of terrible, imho.
[9:14:01 PM] Jordan: too much exposition, too little time a need a bit more time for this… say what mr. fairy man?
[9:14:05 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL – me and Sookie said “What?” at the same time
[9:14:20 PM] Alea: Uh huh. What happens to Gary Cole?

Sookie and her Grandfather (played by Gary Cole) drop through the portal to return to the human world. Bill and Eric both sense Sookie, while Gary Cole dies in the graveyard, passing Sook a pocketwatch to give to Jason.

Sookie's Graveyard

[9:14:42 PM] Kendra: I’m kind of glad we’re out of there. Other characters now?
[9:14:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: lol
[9:14:49 PM] Alea: Seriously.
[9:14:50 PM] Latoya Peterson: Bill vs. Eric.
[9:14:56 PM] Alea: Hot.
[9:15:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: Please note, I’m totally #TeamEric this season.
[9:15:08 PM] Jordan: don’t leave us Gary Cole
[9:15:13 PM] Kendra: I’m team Alcide
[9:15:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: Just for a change of pace
[9:15:26 PM] Latoya Peterson: oh no…Grandpa, we barely knew ye!
[9:15:28 PM] Kendra: I’m assuming the fruit is sort of like the fruit of the Underworld?
[9:15:29 PM] Alea: I’ll never let go, Jack.
[9:15:29 PM] Amber: I’m also Team Alcide–just because I’d like to see a whole lot more of him this season.
[9:15:34 PM] Kendra: Greek mythology?
[9:16:00 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – Girl, Alcide has too much sense for this foolishness. Unless he got a lobotomy between this season and last.
[9:16:15 PM] Latoya Peterson: WTF? Give this to Jason?
[9:16:30 PM] Jordan: ummmm can we get back to the whole vampire thing now…
[9:16:38 PM] Alea: The way he dusted was very much like a BTVS vampire.
[9:16:46 PM] Amber: @Latoya This is exactly why he needs to stick around. He and Lafayette are the only ones who give a side-eye at the same time I do. They make me feel a little less crazy.
[9:16:47 PM] Latoya Peterson: Come on Sookie – everyone has died at this point, you gonna keep crying?
[9:16:48 PM] Kendra: I’m not really looking forward to Jason this season. I find the whole dumb guy act to be… old. You know it wouldn’t be cute on anyone without a little privilege.
[9:16:53 PM] Alea: Is anyone ever looking forward to Jason?
[9:16:55 PM] Kendra: LOL
[9:17:12 PM] Kendra: I did NOT get that whole policeman thing last season
[9:16:56 PM] Latoya Peterson: I am looking forward to his abs.
[9:17:04 PM] Latoya Peterson: Bill is in Men’s Health
[9:17:29 PM] Latoya Peterson: talking about how he has to keep up with Jason’s abs.
[9:17:36 PM] Alea: lol

Latoya’s Insert: The Men’s Health article actually says:

The 41-year-old actor is currently filming the fourth season of HBO’s True Blood. In what has become an annual ritual, Moyer is shaping up so that a merely flat stomach doesn’t look like a beer belly next to the six-pack of his costar, Ryan Kwanten, a man 7 years his junior. Kwanten’s character, he says, “walks into a room and takes his shirt off. That’s his normal entrance. Ryan has minus 6 percent body fat.”

Moyer also worries about a different sort of immortality. “I didn’t want my kids to look back at the show in 20 years’ time and go, ” ‘Who’s that slobby git? Oh, it’s you, Dad.’ ”

Such is the lot of today’s vampires. Where once they lurked in dark, cobblestone-paved alleys, they’re now expected to have cobblestoned midsections. On True Blood, Japanese scientists have invented synthetic, drinkable blood, and vampires have been able to come out of the coffin as a result. From the looks of it, they headed straight to the gym and swore off not only human blood but carbohydrates as well.

The show moves to Sookie sobbing at her (former?) kitchen table when Jason walks in. Sad violin music plays.

[9:17:42 PM] Alea: This music. Why?
[9:18:04 PM] Kendra: Oh joy. So soon.
[9:18:21 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:18:24 PM] Latoya Peterson: Did Jason sell the house?
[9:18:26 PM] Amber: So, how are we feeling about the ‘stash? Jason with facial hair FTW?
[9:18:37 PM] Alea: Whaaaaa?
[9:18:43 PM] Latoya Peterson: “Bill….or the other crazy tall one?”
[9:18:46 PM] Kendra: Oh. Okay, a lot further than I thought they’d go.
[9:18:50 PM] Jordan: oh mighty time lapse batman
[9:18:58 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan, right!!!
[9:19:30 PM] Latoya Peterson: Boyfriend: A year is long enough to sell her shit? Me: It’s Jason.
[9:19:45 PM] Alea: Goatees are no good. His biceps are very good.
[9:19:59 PM] Kendra: We should probably remember this real estate agency.
[9:20:05 PM] Latoya Peterson: Can I see a shot of Sookie on a milk carton?
[9:20:06 PM] Alea: Seriously.
[9:20:11 PM] Jordan: i liked the old shirtless jason
[9:20:17 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Kendra – ummmhmm. AIK.
[9:20:23 PM] Alea: A “bunch of initials?” Obviously trouble.
[9:21:16 PM] Latoya Peterson: Wait, so how come Jason never gets to come on these adventures?
[9:21:29 PM] Latoya Peterson: Did they explain he lost the Fae gene playing football or something
[9:21:31 PM] Kendra: Oh believe me, he’s going to have his own adventures this season
[9:21:44 PM] Amber: @Jordan Yes–I also preferred shirtless, dirty, construction worker Jason.

Bill and Eric Emerge at Twilight (Sans Sparkle)

Bill vs. Eric

[9:21:28 PM] Jordan: No drawn out Soooooookie from Bill… I feel robbed.
[9:21:39 PM] Kendra: Beel!
[9:21:50 PM] Latoya Peterson: lol
[9:21:56 PM] Alea: I was so emptay.
[9:21:59 PM] Jordan: ERIC!
[9:22:04 PM] Latoya Peterson: This is the most awkward ex meet up ever.
[9:22:06 PM] Alea: So Hottt!
[9:22:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: LMAO
[9:22:21 PM] Jordan: Eric is so pretty. The only one who is exactly the way I imagined from the book.
[9:22:24 PM] Alea: Ooooo!
[9:22:28 PM] Latoya Peterson: “I knew you weren’t dead.” Of course Eric spits game immediately.
[9:22:34 PM] Amber Jones: LOL. Eric wins over Bill every time. Such swag! There’s really no contest.
[9:22:35 PM] Kendra: LOL
[9:22:43 PM] Alea: He’s a total baller.
[9:22:53 PM] Jordan: in and out with his hotness… leave them wanting more
[9:22:53 PM] Kendra: How is Andy still in control of anything?
[9:23:02 PM] Latoya Peterson: ANDY!
[9:23:12 PM] Jordan: @ latoya hahaha
[9:23:23 PM] Alea: I kinda love Andy.
[9:23:30 PM] Alea: Just a little bit.
[9:23:33 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:23:42 PM] Amber: Andy is so lovable in a weird way…I just want to hug him, but then I remember Eggs and…not so much. -__-
[9:23:44 PM] Latoya Peterson: Vampire Business? Is this a euphemism for sex?
[9:23:53 PM] Alea: In my lexicon it is.
[9:23:59 PM] Jordan: Bill looks like he’s trying to be hipper this year… what’s with this shirt…
[9:24:05 PM] Alea: Absolutely.
[9:24:07 PM] Latoya Peterson: Sookie, the breathy belle thing is gonna get old if you abuse it in the first fifteen mins
[9:24:08 PM] Kendra: @Jordan, agreed
[9:24:30 PM] Alea: Her eyelashes are so big and they bat so often.
[9:24:38 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan, right! The shirt is something else. He’s trying to liven up his image?
[9:24:54 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea – we need a Sookie cartoon. Like Betty Boop, with vamps…
[9:24:58 PM] Jordan: oh yeah… there was that whole… you lied to me about everything thing…so we’re not okay…. even with your new shirt
[9:24:59 PM] Kendra: She does an amazing job with her face and clothing on a walmart budget. Again, costume design on this show = amazing
[9:25:15 PM] Latoya Peterson: …don’t leave, Bill? Ummhmm, *vampire business*

And now, everyone else…

The action cuts to Andy in the car with Jason, a full fledged member of the police force.

[9:25:27 PM] Kendra: USING?
[9:25:32 PM] Amber: Andy using?!
[9:25:34 PM] Jordan: @ latoya HAHAHAHA
[9:25:37 PM] Alea: Whaaaaa?
[9:25:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: ANDY IS ON V?!?!?!
[9:26:24 PM] Amber: So, is Jason a real cop now? Has he grown up a bit in 12.5 months? Or is this wishful thinking?

The show cuts to a scene of Lafayette and Jesus outside of a store.

Lafayette's New Look[9:25:46 PM] Kendra: Yay! Lafayette!
[9:25:54 PM] Alea: Nice hair!
[9:25:55 PM] Jordan: Yay. I’ve missed my boys.
[9:26:00 PM] Kendra: I’m not sure how I feel about this hair…
[9:26:04 PM] Latoya Peterson: *Puts her first up in Lafayette solidarity*
[9:26:17 PM] Jordan: oh lordy what is that hair
[9:26:18 PM] Latoya Peterson: Heyyyyyy Jesus
[9:26:20 PM] Alea: Lol.
[9:26:24 PM] Alea: Old air fresheners.
[9:26:35 PM] Latoya Peterson: “10 if they got dranks…” can I please get a gif?
[9:27:03 PM] Jordan: I’m sorry. I’m still on the hair. Too much, hooker, too much
[9:27:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Boyfriend: See this is what yoga gets you. Weirdos on mats with candles…

Lafayette and Jesus in the Circle

[9:27:23 PM] Kendra: Jesus looks a bit… younger this season.
[9:27:27 PM] Kendra: also… So this woman is supposedly the Big Bad?
[9:27:34 PM] Amber: @Kendra I think the hair is a little to far down on the forehead. I’m gonna need him to shave it back a bit.
[9:27:44 PM] Jordan: Laffy looks like a new age village person and when he’s out with his man on a paranormal date night *shakes my head* Lafayette – you can do better
[9:27:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Kendra – Jesus and botox?
[9:28:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – Lafayette is about to whip his hair. I ain’t mad.
[9:28:08 PM] Alea: The vest is a bit much.
[9:28:33 PM] Jordan: @ Alea Yes. That’s all I’m saying, not the hair and the vest. Everything in moderation. I usually love his look. Where is his head wrap?

The woman who is a medium is using the spirit world to channel Lafayette’s dead vampire lover-supplier Eddie, from Season 1. Lafayette is massively skeptical.

[9:28:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: Laffy, it’s time to go.
[9:28:50 PM] Kendra: Oh snap…
[9:29:03 PM] Alea: Creepy as hell.
[9:29:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: LMAO – “could be.” I heart you so much Laffy
[9:29:24 PM] Kendra: Well, I can already tell these witches are going to be five times more interesting than the ones on The Vampire Diaries

The show cuts to Arlene coming home to find her child with Rene surrounded by decapitated dolls.

[9:29:49 PM] Alea: Ugh, her.
[9:29:59 PM] Latoya Peterson: ummm
[9:30:00 PM] Kendra: I kind of adore Arlene
[9:30:11 PM] Latoya Peterson: OMG
[9:30:11 PM] Jordan: Someone is not working to put
mommy’s heart at ease…
[9:30:12 PM] Kendra: And Terry. I could watch an
entire hour of Terry
[9:30:16 PM] Latoya Peterson: Arlene, you were
[9:30:18 PM] Jordan: I love terry
[9:30:30 PM] Amber: Yes, Terry is my fave!
[9:30:34 PM] Alea: a baby’s gotta have a hobby.
[9:30:46 PM] Latoya Peterson: Terry. Oh Terry.

[9:30:50 PM] Alea: That shirt is criminal.
[9:31:07 PM] Latoya Peterson: Squirrel heads on wha? Eh…Terry?
[9:31:13 PM] Amber: Is Arlene’s hair a little redder this season? I can’t decide if I like the fire-engine red…
[9:31:18 PM] Alea: Yeah.
[9:31:27 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – oh yea, was just about to love the color

The show FINALLY cuts to Tara – in New Orleans, doing an MMA style cage match with another female fighter.

Tara post win

[9:31:24 PM] Alea: Holy shit.
[9:31:26 PM] Jordan: Hell yes!
[9:31:29 PM] Kendra: WHAT
[9:31:37 PM] Amber: OH YES
[9:31:40 PM] Latoya Peterson: TARA!
[9:31:48 PM] Jordan: That’s right show these belles how to get down southern style.
[9:31:48 PM] Latoya Peterson: TARA MOFOS!
[9:32:01 PM] Alea: My eyes are so big right now.
[9:32:01 PM] Kendra: I… I was not expecting that this is where she ran off too, but I can dig it.
[9:32:03 PM] Amber: Ultimate fighter in da house!
[9:32:07 PM] Alea: She was fierce!
[9:32:10 PM] Latoya Peterson: FUCK YEAH

Quick cut to Hoyt and Jessica having a lover’s quarrel over food (or lack of food) in the house.

[9:32:18 PM] Jordan: They extreme madeover that
house big time. It did not look like that last year…
[9:32:36 PM] Latoya Peterson: Awww. Hoyt and Jess still going on
[9:32:38 PM] Latoya Peterson: aw damn
[9:32:42 PM] Kendra: Oooh, living together was apparently not what they expected.
[9:32:47 PM] Jordan: Awww… the honeymoon is over
[9:32:59 PM] Kendra: LOL, first show reference of a piggly wiggly. I have honestly been waiting for that.
[9:33:14 PM] Latoya Peterson: Lulz.
[9:33:20 PM] Amber: @Kendra Hahaha…Yes! The piggly wiggly reference also made me smile.
[9:33:43 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:33:44 PM] Kendra: Why do I feel like this fight might lead to sex
[9:33:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: *retch*
[9:33:53 PM] Alea: This will definitely lead to sex.
[9:34:01 PM] Amber: I don’t think Hoyt wins in this situation…unless it leads to sex.
[9:34:22 PM] Kendra: So they’ve mystically gotten the house back, I assume
[9:34:35 PM] Alea: Or they’re squatting.
[9:34:55 PM] Alea: Yeah, right. Give them their money back?

Quick cut to Pam at Fangtasia deadpanning her video on why vamps are people too.

[9:34:59 PM] Kendra: LOL
[9:35:03 PM] Jordan: PAM!!!
[9:35:06 PM] Kendra: Pam!
[9:35:08 PM] Alea: Love Pam!!!
[9:35:12 PM] Latoya Peterson: lol
[9:35:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Pam sounds coerced
[9:35:20 PM] Kendra: She sounds… thrilled.
[9:35:31 PM] Jordan: You can say that again
[9:35:38 PM] Jordan: I want ERIC!
[9:35:48 PM] Alea: “People are far dumber than they realize.”
[9:35:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:35:56 PM] Kendra: Nan is a full cast member this season, which thrills me
[9:35:57 PM] Jordan: Eric’s like “let me show you how it’s done”
[9:36:06 PM] Alea: Swoon.
[9:36:10 PM] Alea: Swooooooooooon.
[9:36:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Did they put Pam in tweed? No wonder she was pissed.
[9:36:29 PM] Amber: Lol!
[9:36:45 PM] Kendra: LOL

At this point, show alternates between showing Bill, now a local figure and politician making a speech and Eric doing his vampires are friendly video.

[9:36:47 PM] Jordan: Wow they are still in vampire damage control mode, no wonder Bill’s stepping up his shirt game…
[9:36:50 PM] Amber: A three-piece suit, though? It’s official–Bill has hired a stylist.
[9:36:55 PM] Alea: That three-piece suit is just wrong.
[9:37:06 PM] Kendra: Portia! I vaguely remember her from the books…
[9:37:13 PM] Amber: Hahaha…no points for trying on the three piece?
[9:37:22 PM] Latoya Peterson: Are they ever gonna resurrect Bill’s confederate fighting plotline? Every time he says he’s the oldest member of the community, I remember that.
[9:37:22 PM] Jordan: Bill’s started wearing makeup too… added a bit of covergirl to those undead cheeks
[9:37:23 PM] Alea: Is he a used car salesman from 1956?
[9:38:00 PM] Kendra: @Latoya, it’s more likely on HBO than any other channel. There’s that at least. Though with Lorena dead, there’s little plot need to revisit it, I guess. She seemed to spearhead most the flashback sequences if I remember correctly.
[9:38:04 PM] Jordan: Eric is almost creepier when he’s nice
[9:38:04 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL, aww Eric. You did so mean for dinner.

And…back to Tara (a.k.a Toni) …and her new lover!

Tara and her new lover

[9:38:29 PM] Kendra: WHAT
[9:38:31 PM] Kendra: WOAH.
[9:38:31 PM] Alea: Yes!
[9:38:35 PM] Amber: Knew it!!!
[9:38:42 PM] Jordan: a little lady lovin
[9:38:42 PM] Latoya Peterson: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TARA
[9:38:47 PM] Latoya Peterson: Changing everything
[9:38:57 PM] Jordan: another homage to the great BTVS – i miss willow and her girlfriend

Latoya’s Insert: Word on the street this queer interracial relationship is a larger part of the plot. Ace Showbiz reports:

Sharing her thought on her character’s love life, Rutina Wesley says, “I don’t think she was expecting it. I think it just happened. I think it was one of those things where you just fall in love with who you fall in love with.” She goes on explaining, “I don’t think she labels herself as one thing or the next. She just started hanging out and the next thing you know, she was in love.”

“I think Tara – if she is going to have a love interest this season – she’s finally ready for it. She’s had time to find herself and think a little bit,” the actress adds. On how Tara will be seen this season, she states, “I think she’s finally going to love herself in a way that is beautiful. Her self-esteem is back up and that’s opened her up to love someone else. I think she also needed a new lease on life. She totally comes back more zen, and she’s a feisty season one Tara who we all loved.”

Cut to Tara and her ladyfriend being street harassed. We will need to transcribe this part, eventually.

[9:39:24 PM] Latoya Peterson: Chocolate Banana swirl? Really?
[9:39:34 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:39:34 PM] Alea: Toni?
[9:39:38 PM] Latoya Peterson: can we record this and use it on street harassment?

Cut to Sookie returning to Merlottes’, greeted by Arlene and Terry in a group hug.

[9:40:09 PM] Alea: There ain’t no girl version of Sookie neither.
[9:40:15 PM] Alea: That name isn’t real.
[9:40:24 PM] Jordan: I love his head piece
[9:40:31 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL
[9:40:34 PM] Kendra: I feel like being Renee’s child isn’t going to screw this baby up, it’s the way Arlene is obviously going to treat him for the next ten years.
[9:40:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: “Next time, text a motherfucker or something.” – Lafayette

Lafayette explains Tara left town; Sookie wonders why, he gives her the look. Later, Tommy walks in with Hoyt’s mom and Lafayette gets a visit from Jesus.

[9:40:57 PM] Alea: Nice job calling Sookie out.
[9:41:02 PM] Alea: “After what she been through?”
[9:41:09 PM] Jordan: ohhh… someone’s salty
[9:41:17 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea ummhmm
[9:41:25 PM] Kendra: What happened to Tommy?
[9:41:38 PM] Latoya Peterson: Kendra – wondering the same thing
[9:41:51 PM] Kendra: I… really want to taste something that Lafayette cooks, despite a horrible allergy to shellfish.
[9:42:15 PM] Jordan: I like that they are still going strong a year later
[9:42:30 PM] Jordan: Lafayette deserves a good guy
[9:42:31 PM] Alea: Yeah.
[9:42:34 PM] Alea: It’s super sweet.
[9:42:39 PM] Latoya Peterson: hugs
[9:43:02 PM] Kendra: Oooh, purple eyeshadow for Laffy tonight.

Andy bursts in on Lafayette in the kitchen.

[9:43:07 PM] Latoya Peterson: “Can I help you, Mr.Po Po?” Wait, Lafayette is STILL selling V?
[9:43:13 PM] Alea: Andy is crazy!
[9:43:14 PM] Jordan: Deliverance extras… love it
[9:43:22 PM] Amber: @ Kendra Yes!–and Laffy’s eyeliner is always so on point. He’s got that smoky eye down!
[9:43:28 PM] Alea: When did Jason become the voice of effing reason?
[9:43:31 PM] Kendra: He’s gotta be out of the business by now– Jesus wouldn’t have it. Granted, a lot’s changed in a year.
[9:43:34 PM] Alea: This is so strange.
[9:43:35 PM] Jordan: When did Andy start having a “problem”
[9:43:40 PM] Amber: It looks like Andy may need some time off…
[9:43:41 PM] Kendra: I suspect we’re in for some serious flashbacks in the next twelve weeks.
[9:43:45 PM] Jordan: he is way beyond recreational use
[9:43:51 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:44:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: really Andy? Got your drag queens mixed up? And Jason, covering up? Lafayette, you should ALSO move to NOLA

Back to Tommy heckling Sam while pretending to be good in front of Hoyt’s mother.

[9:44:05 PM] Kendra: Oh man, I love this woman.
[9:44:26 PM] Jordan: did she get a replacement son?
[9:44:35 PM] Jordan: Tommy cleans up good
[9:44:41 PM] Kendra: Crap, Sam and Tommy need to work on their relationship…
[9:44:50 PM] Latoya Peterson: wow
[9:44:52 PM] Amber: Now, he looks like he’s outta 1956.
[9:44:53 PM] Jordan: um… wait a second
[9:44:57 PM] Latoya Peterson: so Tommy DID get shot?
[9:45:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: Aight Sam.
[9:45:03 PM] Jordan: what is that?!
[9:45:16 PM] Kendra: LOL
[9:45:18 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:45:22 PM] Jordan: that look between them was weird
[9:45:26 PM] Latoya Peterson: Damn, Tommy.

Back to Tara and her friend…in a delicate position.

Tara and her new lover

[9:45:32 PM] Latoya Peterson: Lord
[9:45:32 PM] Kendra: I approve of this new Tara.
[9:45:34 PM] Alea: Hot queer lady sex? Yes. Weave? Ehhh….
[9:45:43 PM] Jordan: I second that
[9:45:44 PM] Latoya Peterson: Tara is bringing the sexy! That used to be Jason’s job!
[9:45:57 PM] Kendra: That bra is holding on for dear life…
[9:46:03 PM] Alea: Lies just rolling off her tongue.
[9:46:21 PM] Jordan: she’s got that tousled but still maintaining a blow out look.. that never happens during real sexy time
[9:46:23 PM] Kendra: Atlanta? Hah.
[9:46:41 PM] Jordan: another way TV has lied to me about the do’s and don’ts of haircare
[9:46:42 PM] Latoya Peterson: Damn, who is playing Tara’s girl?
[9:46:57 PM] Alea: Inquiring minds definitely want to know.

Latoya’s Insert: According to AfterEllen, Naomi is played by Vedette Lim.

Back at Merlotte’s, Sookie is trying to get her house back.

[9:47:11 PM] Latoya Peterson: lol
[9:47:20 PM] Latoya Peterson: “No one ever orders a cappucino here.”
[9:47:43 PM] Jordan: “Vampire business”
[9:48:01 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL, did I call it or what!

Quick cut over to Fangtasia, where Hoyt and Jessica are having date night.

[9:48:00 PM] Jordan: same old fangtasia
[9:48:10 PM] Alea: Paaaaaaaam.
[9:48:18 PM] Kendra: She’s found her next target, I’d say.
[9:48:27 PM] Jordan: matt – it’s what’s for dinner
[9:48:42 PM] Alea: lol.
[9:48:42 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – LOL
[9:48:47 PM] Jordan: awww… on to the next tasty treat
[9:49:15 PM] Amber: Ooooo Jessica’s got that wandering eye…smdh.
[9:49:17 PM] Alea: Pam sees all.
[9:49:32 PM] Latoya Peterson: Well, she was a church girl…she’s just discovering herself.
[9:49:46 PM] Kendra: I’d forgotten about Jessica’s big, “I have to drink human blood” from last season. It’s wrong to want her to go against her nature, but she and Hoyt’re going to have some issues beyond this foreshadowing this season…
[9:49:59 PM] Kendra: Holy cripes, her waist.
[9:50:00 PM] Latoya Peterson: LOL PAM
[9:50:03 PM] Amber: Pam to the rescue?
[9:50:25 PM] Jordan: date night with a date bite
[9:50:27 PM] Latoya Peterson: “That tree with the plaid shirt…” LOL
[9:50:38 PM] Jordan: Play the field, maybe she should hunt the field? No one wants the same b positive every night…
[9:50:49 PM] Alea: Pam’s outfit. Woo, lord.
[9:50:54 PM] Latoya Peterson: Oh lord. Pam is about to turn her out mentally.
[9:51:09 PM] Jordan: I love that pam laughed after that
[9:51:10 PM] Latoya Peterson: Pam’s face is CLASSIC!
[9:51:13 PM] Amber: Pam is such an instigator. Love it.
[9:51:16 PM] Amber Jones: lol

Sam, meanwhile, is confessing why he shot Tommy to three other people around a well laid table.

[9:51:31 PM] Kendra: His ‘anger management counselors’?
[9:51:36 PM] Alea: Mmmhmm.
[9:51:41 PM] Jordan: Killers anonymous?
[9:51:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: CLEARLY
[9:51:50 PM] Kendra: Oh! I bet shape shifters– they’re sexy enough, and we know this show.
[9:52:21 PM] Alea: Um, mreow.
[9:52:33 PM] Latoya Peterson: oooooh, mreow is right Alea.
[9:52:50 PM] Jordan: Nice – run free my pretties
[9:52:56 PM] Latoya Peterson: Does everyone in Bontemps have abs?
[9:53:02 PM] Kendra: I think it’s a requirement.

Jason returns to HotShot

[9:53:10 PM] Jordan: oh look, daddy’s home
[9:53:21 PM] Kendra: Oh Jason, this cannot end well.
[9:53:56 PM] Alea: Yeah.
[9:54:07 PM] Alea: Uh-oh.
[9:54:10 PM] Amber: Jason–“The Family Man.”
[9:54:19 PM] Kendra: And I’m not sure they’d be calling him daddy… more like, “uncle daddy” was it?
[9:54:22 PM] Latoya Peterson: Uh oh
[9:54:24 PM] Latoya Peterson: They about to set Jason up
[9:54:40 PM] Alea: Didn’t see that coming.
[9:54:45 PM] Amber: Awww, c’mon. That was too easy
[9:54:57 PM] Kendra: Obviously he’s still dumb.
[9:55:07 PM] Alea: Painfully so.
[9:55:07 PM] Amber: Damn shame.
[9:55:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: Sigh. Just when we thought he learned something.

Lafayette agrees to go to Jesus’s witch meet up for the sake of the relationship.

[9:55:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Laffy’s face is classic.
[9:55:40 PM] Kendra: Lafayette has the appropriate look of, “….uh huh”
[9:55:43 PM] Amber: Laffy actually gives THE BEST side-eye.
[9:55:51 PM] Latoya Peterson: Please Tara, do not come back to Bon Temps. I was thrilled to see other brown people on the show…
[9:55:52 PM] Jordan: oh, that just took a turn
[9:56:01 PM] Alea: Yeah.
[9:56:04 PM] Kendra: I actually love the witch woman who works at Merlotts
[9:56:20 PM] Alea: She does a really good scary witch voice.
[9:56:27 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:56:28 PM] Alea: She needs Laffy for his power.
[9:56:30 PM] Jordan: ummm… I don’t think any of them signed up to raise the dead
[9:56:36 PM] Latoya Peterson: I love how everyone’s like “uhhh”
[9:56:38 PM] Kendra: Rouge coven leader…
[9:56:42 PM] Alea: Mmmhmm.
[9:56:43 PM] Jordan: that must have been on the page they skipped
[9:56:47 PM] Kendra: You nailed it!
[9:56:47 PM] Latoya Peterson: Seriously, Ball HAS been watching BTVS.
[9:57:03 PM] Kendra: In some ways that could be good. In others horrible.
[9:57:16 PM] Jordan: no one touch the zombie bird
[9:57:21 PM] Latoya Peterson: It was Laffy!!!! If he’s a necromancer, it’s about to be Eric’s ASS!
[9:57:28 PM] Amber: Agreed…leave zombie bird alone.
[9:57:55 PM] Kendra: Is he wearing Michael Jackson’s “Bad” jacket?
[9:58:02 PM] Jordan: that would be the last time i joined that group – next week dinner and a movie
[9:58:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: “I’m sorry, after all that trouble, your bird’s still dead.”

One of the coven members walks up to Russell’s house – and greets Bill as the new King.

[9:58:04 PM] Alea: I knew the librarian was sketch.
[9:58:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – right!
[9:58:15 PM] Alea: Nice office!
[9:58:26 PM] Alea: What?
[9:58:28 PM] Jordan: WHAT
[9:58:38 PM] Alea: Whaaaaaaat????
[9:58:39 PM] Jordan: When did he become king????
[9:58:39 PM] Amber: OH WOW
[9:58:41 PM] Kendra: I hate that I find this attractive.
[9:58:44 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:58:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: well, hot damn
[9:58:59 PM] Latoya Peterson: Bill is Vampire Society
[9:59:13 PM] Amber: So, is this why Bill had a little say over Eric earlier…?

And, the scene we’ve all seen dozens of times – Eric catching Sookie’s towel.

Eric and Sookeh

[9:59:18 PM] Alea: He’s just…..mmm.
[9:59:23 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[9:59:28 PM] Latoya Peterson: yeah, because that’s not creepy Eric.
[9:59:37 PM] Alea: LOL!
[9:59:37 PM] Kendra: You don’t own–
[9:59:39 PM] Kendra: yep
[9:59:42 PM] Alea: Amazing!
[9:59:51 PM] Alea: Genius.
[9:59:57 PM] Jordan: Sexy overload
[10:00:05 PM] Alea: Wow.
[10:00:09 PM] Latoya Peterson: You cannot spit game and be this creepy at the same time
[10:00:12 PM] Kendra: LOL
[10:00:14 PM] Latoya Peterson: Party foul on Eric!
[10:00:29 PM] Kendra: Eric has a tenuous grasp over the transitive properties of ownership

It’s over, credits and previews for next week!

[10:00:54 PM] Latoya Peterson: (Who did this cover?)
[10:01:18 PM] Alea: Vampires, I feel like, view humans as essentially animals.
[10:01:24 PM] Amber: Yes, I agree. They treat humans like pets. Especially with this ownership (“mine”) talk.
[10:01:29 PM] Latoya Peterson: Fucking hell. This is like Jacob all over again.
[10:01:32 PM] Kendra: yes
[10:01:43 PM] Alea: Exactly like pets.
[10:01:44 PM] Latoya Peterson: SAM AND TARA?
[10:01:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: WAS THAT SAM AND TARA?
[10:02:04 PM] Kendra: Man, they were my favorite paring S1
[10:02:18 PM] Jordan: Wow. Bill must have made a shady, messy power play
[10:02:23 PM] Alea: Fuck yes.
[10:02:32 PM] Kendra: Tara getting bitten. Again?
[10:02:32 PM] Alea: This is going to get so, so ugly.
[10:02:52 PM] Amber: I also miss Sam and Tara!
[10:02:52 PM] Latoya Peterson: WAS THAT GODRIC?
[10:02:55 PM] Jordan: Tara is sleeping with a gun under her pillow – smart girl
[10:02:58 PM] Kendra: LOL, “you all looking for a dead body?” Oh, Erik.
[10:03:20 PM] Alea: True death, huh?
[10:03:25 PM] Latoya Peterson: OMG
[10:03:38 PM] Jordan: This is going to be a fun season
[10:04:00 PM] Alea: For real. I’m very much looking forward to it.
[10:04:00 PM] Kendra: As much as I hate Crystal, I’m looking forward to the werepanther plot
[10:04:03 PM] Jordan: messy, messy and fun
[10:04:06 PM] Kendra: anything to make Jason more
[10:04:14 PM] Amber: Tara needs to stay the hell away from Bon Temps. Stay in NOLA, girl, and try for a spin-off in a bcouple seasons.
[10:04:23 PM] Jordan: poor Jason, he gained a shirt and got so much less interesting
[10:04:24 PM] Latoya Peterson: Seriously – I was only looking forward to Tara/Laffy, but this is pretty good
[10:04:28 PM] Alea: They would never give her a spin-off.
[10:04:55 PM] Kendra: I found it weird that they even tried with the Franklin stuff last season. I wasn’t all that good in the books and it translated badly on screen.
[10:05:07 PM] Kendra: They could have done something else. Anything else.
[10:05:18 PM] Amber: Sigh. I knoooooow. But a sista can dream…
[10:05:18 PM] Jordan: Yeah – that whole franklin thing was creepy
[10:05:50 PM] Kendra: The sad part was how at first I really wanted to like him because he’s James Frain.
[10:05:59 PM] Jordan: I love that guy
[10:06:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: Sigh. Franklin. That was so fail. Though the plantation fleeing scene was fairly illuminating as to how they see Tara.
[10:06:20 PM] Kendra: Well, remember she’s named after the GWtW plantation. So.
[10:06:30 PM] Kendra: Not that that’s ever referenced again.
[10:06:31 PM] Amber: Oh yes, it definitely was. That plantation escape scene was way too much.
[10:06:41 PM] Jordan: Yeah, running in the white dress – wasn’t she chased by dogs – powerful imagery
[10:07:27 PM] Latoya Peterson: So, I’m glad to see MMA Cage fighter Tara
[10:07:34 PM] Latoya Peterson: Sad she’s lying to her girlfriend tho
[10:07:35 PM] Kendra: Then saved by one. On the plus side… she gained some sort of agency, rescuing Sookie and taking charge
to get them the hell out of there. But it came through a season of being abused.
[10:08:01 PM] Alea: @ LP: I don’t know if I see her being her girlfriend….?
[10:08:10 PM] Alea: I wondered about that quite a bit.
[10:08:18 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea – Think she’s a jump off?
[10:08:31 PM] Jordan: girl toy?
[10:08:32 PM] Alea: Yeah. There’s some familiarity, but she doesn’t even know Tara’s real name.
[10:08:40 PM] Kendra: I think she’s a mechanism to get over what happened… as Sam was right before she left.
[10:08:50 PM] Alea: Exactly.
[10:08:56 PM] Amber: Yeah agreed. I’m glad that she’s making moves to protect herself this season. It’s good to see, especially with all the abuse last season.
[10:09:04 PM] Latoya Peterson: I want Tara to be invested in that person – so she’s less likely to go back to Bon Temps
[10:09:09 PM] Amber: YES. Ugh…I really want her to stay away from Bon Temps. I’m all for Tara making a new life in NOLA. #TeamToni
[10:09:23 PM] Kendra: It’d be great if it took her an episode or two to get back. Girl needs some time.
[10:09:24 PM] Alea: That would be wonderful. I’d love to see her in a healthy relationship.
[10:09:37 PM] Jordan: she needs a jesus
[10:09:41 PM] Alea: Mmmhmm.
[10:09:48 PM] Amber: Exactly. I’d just love to see her healthy, period. She was always going through something heavy in the previous seasons.
[10:10:09 PM] Alea: I wonder if they’ll ever let Tara be healthy…?
[10:10:15 PM] Kendra: I wonder if her mother will return? What with that whole preacher thing…
[10:10:33 PM] Jordan: Always the victim but without two vamps and a village answering her every distress call
[10:10:48 PM] Amber: I wonder the same thing about Tara. She seems to be the only character who is never OK and never ever gets a break.
[10:10:49 PM] Jordan: in the books she finds some peace
[10:10:53 PM] Latoya Peterson: You know [Tara's mom] will probably married to the pastor
[10:11:16 PM] Kendra: There’s also the possibility that the girlfriend/coping mechanism ISN’T human. I wouldn’t put it past Ball.
[10:11:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – In the books she finds peace? Is it through her MMA Cage Fighting?
[10:11:36 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Kendra – oh hell no. I can’t.
[10:11:49 PM] Jordan: that would be a no. She gets married and settles down
[10:11:53 PM] Jordan: has a kid
[10:12:05 PM] Jordan: her hubby’s not the brightest guy but she learns to like him
[10:12:10 PM] Kendra: @latoya She said to Sam at the end of the last season that that’s the last thing she wants– so of course it would be what Ball gives her.
[10:12:27 PM] Kendra: @Jordan she also owns a store, no? It’s a completely different path for her in the books.
[10:12:30 PM] Amber: @Kendra Yeah…I wouldn’t be surprised.
[10:12:31 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – Yeah, Ball can disregard that
[10:13:08 PM] Amber: @Jordan That sounds wonderful, but I just don’t see that plot line coming anytime soon.
[10:13:17 PM] Jordan: Oh no, but I hope they move in the same direction and let her heal and find something that works for her. Make her own fate instead of reacting

Sidetracking begins here…

[10:13:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Meanwhile, on TeenNick, BVTS is on
[10:13:36 PM] Alea: On TeenNick??
[10:13:39 PM] Alea: No way??
[10:13:45 PM] Jordan: Oh BTVS. My Favorite. Show. Ever.
[10:13:53 PM] Alea: Phenomenal television.
[10:14:01 PM] Latoya Peterson: Yeah, Angel is still evil. Spike is being Spike.
[10:14:03 PM] Kendra: I haven’t watched BTVS in
[10:14:13 PM] Amber: Omg…love BTVS
[10:14:13 PM] Jordan: I loved SPIKE. The original Eric
[10:14:18 PM] Kendra: LOL!
[10:14:22 PM] Amber: yes!

[10:14:29 PM] Kendra: I still have pictures of
Spike on my childhood bedroom walls.
[10:14:38 PM] Amber: Soooo dreamy…with the accent.
[10:14:41 PM] Amber: Swoon.
[10:14:43 PM] Alea: Cosign! Erik, but not as jacked.
[10:14:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: Word. Spike is talking about why he likes the world. Manchester United and “Happy meals with legs”
[10:14:57 PM] Alea: Love!
[10:14:59 PM] Latoya Peterson: …
[10:15:11 PM] Latoya Peterson: “You want my help because your girlfriend’s a big ho?”
[10:15:13 PM] Latoya Peterson: You know…
[10:15:17 PM] Kendra: that sounds better than Real Housewives…
[10:15:20 PM] Jordan: Oh Spike. Before he got a soul…
[10:15:23 PM] Latoya Peterson: Maybe we should watch BTVS & TB concurrently
[10:15:46 PM] Alea: That’s not a bad idea.
[10:15:51 PM] Jordan: not at all
[10:15:55 PM] Kendra: There’s so much about BTVS that I love, but then makes me upset. Always.
[10:15:58 PM] Latoya Peterson: (Gotta turn this boff…getting sucked in. Xander is confessing to Willow, pre-Oz.)
[10:16:03 PM] Amber: That would be pretty awesome.
[10:16:19 PM] Amber: Oz! love that show. It’s been too long.
[10:16:54 PM] Jordan: Oh oz… I watch Vampire Diaries now for my fix but it is off for the season
[10:17:00 PM] Kendra: “No, it’s headsized.”
[10:17:03 PM] Latoya Peterson: I mean, both are problematic, yet addicted.
[10:17:08 PM] Kendra: and that’s why I loved Oz and Willow.
[10:17:14 PM] Amber: They were so great together!
[10:17:25 PM] Latoya Peterson: Vampire Diaries? How is that? Me and the CW broke up a while ago
[10:17:35 PM] Kendra: Oh man. I… love that show.
[10:17:38 PM] Jordan: I am obsessed with that show
[10:17:38 PM] Kendra: Shamefully.

[10:17:54 PM] Kendra: I read the books back in middle school and having it on TV now is like full circle for me.
[10:17:54 PM] Jordan: They did this season finale around gone with the wind… i could have written a paper on it
[10:17:57 PM] Latoya Peterson: oh my
[10:18:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: so, should we do a vamp trifecta?
[10:18:13 PM] Amber: I’ve also never seen VD. It somehow keeps making an appearance on my list though.
[10:18:14 PM] Kendra: UH. that whole GWtW backdrop was so unfortunate.
[10:18:16 PM] Latoya Peterson: VD, BTVS, TB?
[10:18:27 PM] Jordan: it was killing me softly
[10:18:33 PM] Kendra: It made me uncomfortable throughout the entire episode.
[10:18:43 PM] Jordan: GWTW and I have such a troubled history
[10:18:44 PM] Kendra: (Of course now I want to watch it again)
[10:19:05 PM] Jordan: and bonnie was there without a word
[10:19:11 PM] Kendra: YES
[10:19:11 PM] Jordan: I was mad at her for that
[10:19:54 PM] Jordan: I wanted her to at least give an eye roll to all the “wasn’t old time dixie fun” foolishness. That or turn to the guys all “Was it like that back when you dudes owned slaves”
[10:20:04 PM] Kendra: I’ve done historical interpretation, so… I GET the feelings that can be drummed up throughout those things. But the fact that she showed up and said NOTHING– and to be
surrounded by so many whitefolks? I kind of wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt (she’s lived there forever and is just used to it?) but I couldn’t. I almost get the impression that as good friends as she is with all these people, she’s no where near comfortable enough around them to say, “…um. Hello. I’m Black.” And the fact that the school always seems to be sponsoring these wildly uncomfortable gatherings? SMH. (end rant!)
[10:20:32 PM] Jordan: I am from the south so no – she gets no pass from me
[10:20:59 PM] Kendra: Would also love to know WHERE her parents are? But that’s another matter entirely.
[10:21:17 PM] Jordan: i know, right.
[10:21:32 PM] Amber: I think this conversation just did it for me. VD just jumped up several spots on my queue…yep.
[10:21:33 PM] Kendra: She was sitting in a hole with Jeremy for weeks and no one was missing her?
[10:21:53 PM] Jordan: bonnie and the whole black witchy coven have a lot to answer for
[10:21:56 PM] Kendra: LOL– don’t get me wrong. I love the show, but it has it’s MAJOR problems.
[10:22:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Kendra – I will join you. I’m coming in to VD as a noob so we can go
[10:22:38 PM] Jordan: Same here – don’t get me started on Emily and her helping her vamp masters. Conjure up some freedom for yourself woman
[10:22:52 PM] Kendra: Emily. You mean the “maidservant” not “slave”.
[10:22:55 PM] Kendra: That. Killed me.
[10:23:01 PM] Amber: Lol. This sounds so deep.
[10:23:14 PM] Kendra: @ Latoya I’d love to have more people watching it. For everytime you get annoyed with Bonnie, you’ll love Damon.
[10:23:26 PM] Jordan: Still love the show but sometimes I have to turn that voice down in my head
[10:23:35 PM] Jordan: Oh Damon…
[10:23:38 PM] Latoya Peterson: lol
[10:23:45 PM] Jordan: Killing people and still sexy
[10:23:46 PM] Alea: [Maybe a silly question, but is Vampire Diaries actually watchable? I know nothing about it.]
[10:23:58 PM] Latoya Peterson: Y’all know I get a bit twitchy about GwtW – I don’t know if I can sit through too much
[10:24:04 PM] Jordan: Killing friends, loved ones, brothers, townfolk, sleeping with mothers – Everyone still loves him.
[10:24:12 PM] Kendra: I would say that it is! eps 1-5 of S1 are slow, I admit. But then it gets going and never stops, plotwise.
[10:24:23 PM] Alea: Interesting.
[10:24:30 PM] Latoya Peterson: Alright, alright
[10:24:32 PM] Alea: I’ll have to check it out.
[10:24:35 PM] Latoya Peterson: gotta wrap this up
[10:24:35 PM] Amber: Ditto.
[10:24:38 PM] Jordan: Despite my love hate with
Vamp Diaries. I watch every ep live – no DVR. That’s love.
[10:24:42 PM] Latoya Peterson: Final thoughts on True Blood?
[10:24:52 PM] Latoya Peterson: And do we have a motion to check out Vampire Diaries?
[10:24:59 PM] Kendra: I’d second that motion.
[10:25:16 PM] Jordan: third but I am biased
[10:25:20 PM] Amber: I’m looking forward to the Tara and Laffy story-lines. They both seriously raised my eyebrows.
[10:25:21 PM] Alea: I’d be into it.
[10:25:31 PM] Kendra: True Blood– I’m worried that Laffy is going to take Tara’s spot as abused person of color for the season. That coven is going to suck him dry.
[10:25:33 PM] Jordan: I like the kick butt Tara
[10:25:43 PM] Amber: I’m also down to check out vamp diaries.
[10:25:52 PM] Alea: Bill’s rise to power is going to be interesting to hear about.
[10:26:13 PM] Kendra: Erik needs to learn how ‘ownership’ works. But at least with Sookie we know she’s not going to lie down and take it.
[10:26:16 PM] Alea: That office is the office of a totally sketchy man.
[10:26:50 PM] Alea: Are we sure that Sookie’s not going to take it?
[10:26:58 PM] Alea: I could go either way.
[10:27:07 PM] Jordan: So could sookie
[10:27:15 PM] Alea: Yeah.
[10:27:20 PM] Amber: I want to believe that Sookie doesn’t take it, but I have little faith.
[10:27:27 PM] Kendra: I want to stick up for her and say she’ll attempt to fight it as long as possible– but some of erik’s blood may still be in her system, so who knows.
[10:27:49 PM] Latoya Peterson: My three wishes for the season: (1) Tara kicks the next person that messes with her in the eye; (2) Lafayette gets some payback for that chains in the basement slave-sub plot, (3) Pam stays Pam.
[10:27:53 PM] Jordan: Don’t blame eric’s blood, blame eric’s personal trainer
[10:27:59 PM] Kendra: LOL!
[10:28:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Jordan – LULZ. Those abs are mesmerizing.
[10:28:24 PM] Jordan: He is a thing of beauty and on that goodnight
[10:28:30 PM] Alea: I don’t think that Laffy is going to go gentle into that good night. LP: Ditto #3.
[10:28:38 PM] Alea: Night, Jordan!
[10:28:44 PM] Amber: @Latoya Cosign–and I’ll add: 4) Alcide makes an extended appearance.
[10:28:58 PM] Kendra: Uh. Was definitely missing some Alcide this episode!
[10:29:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – I am afraid of what they will do with Alicide.
[10:29:37 PM] Kendra: I’m predicting some kind of clash between the werepanthers and the werewolves… or the weres as a whole and the shifters.
[10:29:40 PM] Latoya Peterson: Remember that flirtation with Tara? I am afraid he’s going to be sucked into the Fair and Fae Sookie lovers association if he stays.
[10:29:58 PM] Amber: Oh man…I would be devastated.
[10:30:30 PM] Kendra: Was he into Tara, or was that just the adrenaline of escape?
[10:30:44 PM] Amber: They seemed to have a little chemistry…
[10:30:57 PM] Amber: …but Sookie does always get in the way. Smdh.
[10:31:06 PM] Kendra: Poor Tara, has a thing for the men that are part animal.
[10:31:11 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – They just can’t resist her white ladyhood.
[10:31:33 PM] Kendra: well you know, white ladyhood always needs the defending. It’s a lovely screen trope– thanks Griffiths.
[10:31:37 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – But to be fair, she works the HELL out of those Walmart sundresses, so…
[10:31:39 PM] Amber: UGH. * gag *
[10:32:09 PM] Alea: It’s odd that Tara loves animal-y men so much.
[10:32:09 PM] Amber: @Latoya this is true. I couldn’t help but notice her glow in the baby blue sundress * rolls eyes *
[10:32:37 PM] Alea: I wonder if that’s because she’s brown. What with vampy-ness being the epitome of whiteness here.
[10:32:58 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Amber – I can’t hate, I will appreciate. But I’m just saying – at this point, the only guys who haven’t made a pass are Andy, Jason, and Lafayette – all for obvious reasons
[10:34:16 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea – Yeah, I think so. I mean, all their beauty references are generally white.
[10:34:32 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Alea – Trying to think of a major vamp character of color, not just one in the background…
[10:34:45 PM] Kendra: @Latoya, I don’t think there are any.
[10:34:51 PM] Alea: I can’t think of any.
[10:34:53 PM] Kendra: in the books, maaaaybe, but not on the show. Granted, I may be getting that confused with the Anita Blake books…
[10:34:56 PM] Latoya Peterson: Can we count poor Talbot? You know, pull some racial draft magic?

[10:35:05 PM] Alea: Lol.
[10:35:06 PM] Amber: @Latoya Truth. They are
just all so eager to protect and serve…among other things. Sigh. So OVER IT.
[10:35:07 PM] Kendra: LOL. I think he was… Greek?
[10:35:29 PM] *** Jordan has left ***
[10:35:34 PM] Latoya Peterson: @Kendra – Talbot did not deserve to go out like that.
[10:35:55 PM] Kendra: Oh, at all. And I will forever remember Sookie’s maniacal laughter as she poured him down the drain.
[10:36:08 PM] Latoya Peterson: I walked in on that!
[10:36:17 PM] Latoya Peterson: Okay, okay, we really gotta end, or else no one will read this
[10:36:19 PM] Latoya Peterson: Till next week?
[10:36:27 PM] Alea: Yup!
[10:36:29 PM] Amber: Sounds good!
[10:36:31 PM] Alea: Have a good week, all.
[10:36:33 PM] Kendra: I’ll be there!
[10:36:43 PM] Amber: Goodnight everyone!
[10:36:45 PM] Latoya Peterson: And I will make a plan on Vamp Diaries – maybe the noobs can do selected discussions and the experts can weigh in
[10:36:48 PM] Latoya Peterson: Good night!

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