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Digital Artifacts

August 7th, 2012

metaLAB at Harvard just announced an extremely exciting project, Data Artifacts

"Digital cultures, which devote vast resources to the harvesting and handling of data sets, can be understood in part through the particular ways in which they pattern data."

The digital culture is becoming a cradle-to-grave repository holding the contents and memory of human life. 

Check out Cyberspace When You're Dead, a cover story from The New York Times Magazine

I was interviewed for this article. 
Rita J. King, the online-identity optimistic about new forms of remembering that digital technologies might enable. At the same time, though, she expressed some caution about the mindless expression of everything, the default veneration of “sharing” over “curating.” While she’s clearly an online-life enthusiast, she’s also careful about what she discloses in that new form of space. “If people thought about dying more often,” she observed, “they’d think about living differently.”

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