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Google+ Hangouts with Transcripts!

July 6th, 2012

Post by: Kim Stephens

James Garrow tweeted this morning about a Mashable article highlighting Google+’s newest feature: transcribed hangouts. Why did a Philadelphia public health employee point this out to the emergency management and health professional community? Because this feature provides one more tool to communicate with the deaf community. Mashable reports that this ability is made available through an app called “Hangout Captions.” According to the article:

The app provides a transcript of a Hangout that can be read by those who are deaf or have trouble hearing, allowing them to participate in the conversation as well.

“By adding the +Hangout Captions app, you can either connect live text from a professional transcriptionist to your Hangout, or type right into a text box yourself to transcribe a Hangout for your friends,” Naomi Black, technical program manager for accessibility engineering wrote in a post on Google+.

“Right now, we only support professional transcription through StreamText and our ‘do-it-yourself’ Basic Transcription. This is an early look at the app so you can tell us what you think.”

See this video below:

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