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Haiku for Padma Warrior

August 4th, 2012

Padma Warrior's Twitter bio: Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Cisco. Love art, photography, Haiku and food :) Passionate about helping women in tech.

I find Padma Warrior to be completely inspirational, not only because of her spectacular work (including with one of my favorite technologies, telepresence) and because of her commitment to women in tech, but also because she often reminds me, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes on purpose, to step away from work on a Saturday.

I love to work. I really do. I always have. I was the president of my elementary school entrepreneurship club, and by the time I was 13 I took as much work as I could handle and I haven't stopped since. It isn't as if I mind working on a Saturday.

And yet.

There have been occasions when Padma has posted her Saturday paintings. When I see the images I think: I should go make art. One time a couple of years ago, she posted an image of a serene Buddha and I immediately packed up my art supplies and hiked to Wave Hill, where I spent the afternoon painting the lily pads and lotus blooming over the goldfish pond. The fish were so bright and alive, the petals so gorgeous, the day so blue. So unlike a computer screen.

Sometimes Padma's warning to take time off on a Saturday is a little more direct, like a couple of weeks ago when she sent me a message on Twitter that she hoped I wasn't working on a Saturday.

I was. But when I got the message, I stopped.

Today she posted a picture of a hike she's on in California. So you know what? I'm in Manhattan. Park Avenue is completely shut down today, all the way down to City Hall, where my parents got married. I'm going for a walk.

But first, I'm writing a haiku.

Padma Warrior
Thank you for the reminder
I will go outside

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