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links for 2011-06-20

June 20th, 2011

  • "Don Pedro — like farmers across Georgia — is worried that the state's tough new immigration law, set to take effect July 1, is scaring away an [undocumented] labor force.

    "Don Pedro said his job has never been so tough, nor workers so scarce. His boss had told the state Labor Department he needed pickers, but he had received no responses. He wasn't surprised, even though the jobless rate in Irwin County was 13%. Few here believe that native Southerners, white or black, wish to return to the land their ancestors once sharecropped or tended in bondage."

  • "'Both black and white students lost an opportunity because of the state’s decision, and both deserve this aid,' said Brenda Edwards, who administers the Brown v. Board of Education Scholarships for the Virginia Division of Legislative Services. 'White people hear Brown v. Board, and they think they’re not eligible. We’re trying to change that perception. . . . We want more people to get the education they missed out on years ago.'”
    "Phyllis Archer, 57, a scholarship recipient who is black, said the push to include white students in the program is misguided. 'This was the state’s chance to apologize for wrongdoing, not to award people who have never known racism,' Archer said."
  • "Cain expressed frustration that the quote he gave ThinkProgress about not appointing Muslims to his administration is still haunting him."
  • Usually, I'd blow off Erin Aubrey Kaplan. But this op-ed may be a step up for her. –AJP

    "But putting aside the question of whether Obama is in a position to do much of anything, can principles of assimilation and black unity coexist at the top? Can they coexist at all? The big unstated fear among many blacks, including West, is that Obama will turn out to be yet another disappointing black politician, one who readily articulates the needs of those at the bottom but doesn't ultimately address them. That's a crisis of another color."

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