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links for 2011-06-24

June 24th, 2011

  • "Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders was cleared of all five charges in the Netherlands on Thursday, where he had faced up to a year in prison for allegedly inciting violence through his anti-Islam rhetoric.
    "TPM readers will remember Wilders as a special guest at Pamela Geller's rally against the proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero, which took place last September 11. Geller introduced Wilders as 'a modern-day Churchill,' and in his remarks he called the project 'a mosque, a house of sharia,' that is 'not only a provocation. It's humiliation.'"
  • I Can't dot com.–AJP "A new anti-abortion movie called "Gates Of Hell" envisions a world where the government outlaws abortion because a group of black terrorists begins murdering abortion doctors.

    Molotov Mitchell, a contributor for World Net Daily who produced the film, said in a promotion that "this film could do more damage to the abortion industry than anything we've seen. 'Gates of Hell' raises questions about Planned Parenthood's racist history in a way that's never been done before."

  • "The underrepresentation of Latinos in science is problematic on several levels. The attrition of Latinos among the ranks of scientists limits our ability as a society to benefit from the full range of talent and minds in this country. The scientific enterprise is enriched by the variety of thoughts, experiences and ideas contributed by diversity. A lack of diversity among the research workforce is detrimental for innovation and can also have the effect of decreasing the diversity of research topics, particularly those that pertain to Latino communities and individuals. Minorities, for example, have been found to suffer a disproportionate burden of disease in the U.S. Recruiting diverse talent to scientific and engineering careers could help bring more attention and new perspectives to these problems and enhance the access by researchers to minority communities."
  • "The second, smaller report shares firsthand stories from minority men. One African-American student currently enrolled as a freshman in a public university seems jaded about the process. The authors write: 'He remembers that all through school people told him to get good grades so he could succeed and go to college, but senior year he realized it was all about money and affordability.' Money is cited as one of the biggest roadblocks to gaining an education, along with social stigma and lowered aspirations."
  • "Torres and other undocumented workers around the US are increasingly declaring their status openly, as a protest to legislation which they say criminilises them. 'We are at a point where there will be civil disobedience,' Torres said. 'We have studied and learned from the civil rights era; sometimes you have to fight the system to make it change.'

    "She has openly declared her "illegal" status, and other migrants in the same position will be traveling to Georgia's state capital on Tuesday to 'come out of the shadows and declare that we are undocumented, unafraid and unashamed'."

  • "Asians, a group more commonly associated with the West Coast, are surging in New York, where they have long been eclipsed in the city’s kaleidoscopic racial and ethnic mix. For the first time, according to census figures released in the spring, their numbers have topped one million — nearly 1 in 8 New Yorkers — which is more than the Asian population in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles combined."

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