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links for 2011-06-28

June 28th, 2011

  • "It seems ironic that despite a series of laws enacted years ago to prevent these kinds of practices that in 2011, some of America’s lenders seem to be thumbing their noses to fair lending for all Americans. Million-dollar settlements are not enough to compensate communities of color for all the devastating financial harm that their illegal practices have wrought.

    "According to the recently-released 2011 State of the Nation’s Housing by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, nearly half of foreclosure auctions in 2010 were located in just 10 percent of the nation’s 65,000 census tracts. According to the new report, homeownership rate declines for African-Americans (3.8 percent) and Latinos (2.1 percent) have outpaced those for white households (1.5 percent). As a result, these homeownership declines have erased the homeownership gains of the past two decades."

  • "Not only is BiDil not a 'black' drug, it can actually be more harmful for some blacks because one of its components, hydralazine, is associated with an increased risk of lupus, which strikes black women at four times the rate of whites.

    "BiDil is no isolated exception. Some journal articles have been manipulated by the $310 billion pharmaceutical industry. The journals are financially dependent on drug-company advertising, which is often deceptive and is sometimes used to induce journals to publish favorable reports of advertised drugs."

  • "The 'school choice' movement was conceived by those who did not want to desegregate, as George H.W. Bush’s Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch claims in her best-selling book The Life and Death of the American School System: 'For someone like me, raised in the South and opposed to racism and segregation, the word ‘choice’ and the term ‘freedom of choice’ became tainted by their use as a conscious strategy to maintain state-sponsored segregation.' In other words, Ravitch, a renowned educational historian, contends that 'school choice' was originally intended as an end-run around desegregation, a means to legally keep African-Americans out of white schools, under the guise of 'freedom of choice.'

    While Ravitch’s point may seem extreme to some, especially in this media climate which is so favorable of charter schools, CRP has found that the current 'school choice' movement has increased racial segregation, and that charter schools tend to be racially segregated…"

  • "About two-thirds of the cases involving Islam stem from Islamophobia, the report says. These incidents of Islamophobia are mostly characterized by propaganda being disseminated through email and pressure in the workplace. The workplace-related cases of discrimination include exclusion and verbal provocation of Muslims. The report notes these instances are a result of workplace administrations believing that 'religion has no place in the workplace.' The tension arising from Islamophobic attitudes in the workplace is mostly eliminated 'by transferring the Muslim employee involved to another department or laying her/him off.'”
  • "Ranjana Kumari, of the Centre for Social Research and one of India's leading campaigners against female foeticide, said the surgical transformation of girls into boys without their informed consent was a sign of India's growing 'social madness'.

    "She said she despaired that education had failed to stop the growing rejection of baby girls in India."

  • Just in case you missed it in Chris Rock's "Good Hair."–AJP

    "'Indian hair is the most sought after for the only reason that it belongs to the same Caucasian race to start with,' said Cherian.

    “'And the natural color black matches the hair color of the Africans as well as, when bleached… the color of the Europeans or the Americans.'”

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