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Points of Science: A Quest into the Amazon

May 17th, 2012

For the next couple of weeks, Joshua Fouts will be leading a Points of Science quest into the Amazon with filmmaker André Blas and the brilliant physicist and chemist Dr. Ana Zeri. You can follow their progress as they collaborate with indigenous people and rubber tappers living in the Amazon here.

Since 2007, Joshua and I have been invited to work in nearly 20 countries across four continents as we developed the Imagination Age concept. Our goal has been, and continues to be, navigating the role of the human being in an increasingly complex world permeated and amplified by technology.

The Imagination Age now has a home at Science House, which has given us a chance to take this work to the next level with founder James Jorasch, a serial investor, entrepreneur and an inventor named on nearly 500 patents who dreamed up the idea of Science House decades ago. We are collaboratively creating the future we can imagine, in which science, engineering, technology, math and the arts are the core beams of the new global culture and economy.

Joshua is one of the great anthropologists of our time and Ana is a spectacularly talented physicist and chemist--a soul sister who reached out from the other hemisphere to invite us into her world and make this happen. Like Ana, André is Brazilian. His keen artistic eye for detail and sensitivity to what makes us truly human will give a thrilling glimpse into the Amazon. I will dearly miss being in the field with these three people who are always so close to my heart and mind. I hope you will join me in watching their mission as it unfolds!

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