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The Tree of Humanity: Fighting Cancer

June 21st, 2012

Do you have a story about Fighting Cancer that would inspire people on the Tree of Humanity?

Science House (Imagination Age editors both work for Science House@RitaJKing directs Science House Creative and @Josholalia directs Science House Foundation) is working with the Tomorrow Lab project of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science to develop the Tree of Humanity, shown above.

What you see above is a digital representation of the Tree of Humanity, which is made up of real stories about the power and excitement of science in the lives of real people. Each story becomes a leaf on the tree to inspire others to think about and examine the importance of science in their own lives.

There are six main pillars on the Tree of Humanity: Protecting Our Planet, Enriching Education, Advancing Technology, Fighting Cancer, Exploring the Physical World and Improving Health and Medicine. Today I am focused on finding leaves for the Fighting Cancer pillar. If you have a story you would like to share, or need to share, about your own experience Fighting Cancer, we would like to offer you a leaf.

This tree is constantly expanding. Part of the goal is to communicate directly with the 2,000 scientists at the Weizmann Institute and countless scientists around the world so they know that the impact of their tireless work is experienced by real people as relief, freedom and health. Another goal is to raise awareness about the importance of science in our lives as we create the future together.

Please contact me (or email Rita at ScienceHouse) if you'd like to make a short video and create a leaf on the Tree of Humanity.  In the meantime check out the spectacular Nile Rodgers' Planet C blog and this project by Cosey Fanni Tutti inspired by Xeni Jardin's cancer treatment (which Forbes says has redefined community and journalism).  

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