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Tiny Humans and Cosmic Infinity

July 4th, 2012

The Busy Trap in The New York Times today points out the the sheer exhaustion of being "busy" with self-imposed tasks, or to strive against the inevitable feeling of emptiness permeating the human experience, (caught as we are between cosmic infinity and the tiny, vulnerable bodies in which we and our wild imaginations inhabit it).

Speaking of cosmic infinity, did you see that CERN announced the existence of the Higgs Boson? In anticipation of this spectacular announcement, some physicists have been complaining that this discovery could "break" physics.

I deeply empathize with physicists who feel melancholy that the discoveries ahead about the nature of reality may not be made in their lifetimes, although it's worth noting that Peter Higgs got to see the Higgs particle he theorized about decades ago discovered in his lifetime. The time it might take to devise experiments and expensive, sophisticated machines to conduct them doesn't mean that such discoveries won't be made. They will. There will never be an end to the discoveries of science and the endless layering of cosmic mysteries. The confirmation of the Higgs opens the door to the next quest. That quest has a name: supersymmetry

If only we could stop spending so much on war and put our limited resources toward exploring the cosmos we call home and our role in the conscious evolution of intelligence. Our own creativity is just as mysterious, if not more so at this point, than the Higgs.

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