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What is Natural?

August 5th, 2012

3D printer changes a little girl's life (via @frans).

I was recently put on assignment to find new approaches to the question: What is natural? 

I'm looking at this little girl, thinking about that question.

What does it mean to be human?

Stardust, every living thing, humans and free all will evolved out of e=mc² and chance. (Check out the magnificent NOVA production, Einstein's Big Idea, to learn about e=mc²). We've evolved to the point at which we understand code and mathematics. We are broadening our forms of creative expression. Tonight, Curiosity will reach Mars

Today, Chelsea Howe posted:"Curiosity was trending b/c of Mars rover, but my mind went to the emotion itself." 

Me too, Chelsea. 

We're headed somewhere, humans. The fact that we all manifested out of the Big Bang at the same time so we could use Twitter together and occupy this moment in human history is kind of a miracle in itself. We're connected in ways we can only just begin to imagine. 

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