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Joi Ito to direct MIT Media Lab

April 25th, 2011

In addition to being a global citizen and all that, Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab's new director, won my admiration with his constant, informative tweets about Fukushima--an impending disaster that he documented for ten years before the recent catastrophe.

I saw Joi Ito this summer at Foo Camp and I captured this video of DJ Patil showing him a chart of his social graph. Colored circles connect his network in Dubai, Japan and the United States, with other circles here and there, each representing the life of a person who has come to know Joi in some way:

Below is a short video from the trip to Foo Camp: random shots around town, egrets, art, the shadow of a palm on pavement, and of course the Death Star Watermelon by Noel Dickover (who loves carving pumpkins SO MUCH. Look at his Twitter avatar!)

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