Organizing Dialogue, Experience and Knowledge for Complex Problem-Solving

What We Do


Learning Labs for Resiliency® are experiences in education, training and consulting that generate collective wisdom. LLRs take individual learning to the group stage, thereby improving teamwork and the achievement of social goals. Participating in LLRs contributes to action research about social resilience. Action research is a social science approach to the study of system change. Please click to learn more and sign up to be notified of future courses.


Past Projects

    • Art Exception Clause – Informed Consent for Random Instances of Spontaneous Cultural Production – another Action Research opportunity!

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Increasing social resilience is a collaborative strategy for solving so-called “wicked problems.” Facilitators provide expert content, involving participants as colleagues and co-investigators. By selectively drawing attention to the dynamics of learning together, LLRs highlight diverse ranges of perspective, experience, and ways of knowing. Acknowledging and engaging these social elements of communication normalizes cultural differences. When proactively engaging difference is accepted as part of the natural condition for generating good solutions to tough problems, participants create wisdom. This collective wisdom can then be applied to design and implementation of comprehensive, creative and practical solutions to the critical challenges of our age.