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Interpreting as Stewardship

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Learning Labs are think tanks exploring the intersection of theory and practice. 

Instructors: Stephanie Jo Kent and Cynthia Napier
Dates: January 12 – May 8, 2015
Contents: Course Description | Target Audience | Logistics | Objectives | Informed Consent | Certification

ASL VLOG is here!


Description of the 2015 Learning Lab:

This year’s Interpreting as Stewardship focus will be on relay interpreting. A common example of relay interpreting is when a qualified hearing ASL interpreter teams with a qualified Deaf Interpreter.

Because the subject matter requires reflection and interactive participation, the workshop will run for 6 months (average 10 hours/month, or 2-3 hours/week) and those who complete it will earn 6.0 CEUs from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.


EMAIL: Please email with any questions or for information on our refund, cancellation and special accommodation policies.

Target Audience

Interpreters in training, professional interpreters, interpreter trainers and anyone who uses interpreters is welcome to join this online workshop.


    • We will experiment with ASL video (vlogs) in addition to written English assignments.
    • You will be required to write, read, &/or watch your colleagues’ contributions.
    • We will discuss a few academic articles and one novel at a comfortable pace.
    • An additional 2 CEUs can be earned by joining an extra discussion forum and completing an individual synthesis project – details to be announced in February 2015.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Name the key components of a Whole Communication Model of simultaneous interpretation
    • Explain why turn-taking and repair are crucial factors in successful interpreted communication
    • Describe role space and relational autonomy
    • Provide examples of rituals in interpreted interaction

Informed Consent

This Learning Lab for Resiliency (LLR) is an action research experiment in social change. You will be asked to complete an Action Research Participation Form  when you register. There are five choices. You will have the right to decline involvement in the action learning component of the think tank / learning lab and still participate in the online workshop. A blog entry with some context is available here.


Dark Ally Designs, LLC is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 6 CEUs at the Little/None Content Knowledge Level.


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