Organizing Dialogue, Experience and Knowledge for Complex Problem-Solving

Introduction to Communication Theory for Interpreters – 25% Off

Instructor: Stephanie Jo Kent

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This online course is designed as a conversation about simultaneous interpreting as a special practice of intercultural communication. The readings and activities in this course will examine interpreting as a cultural activity that exists because of the social interaction of interlocutors and interpreters. What this means is that participating in simultaneous interpreting generates identities and relationships in similar and different ways than participating in any other kind of cultural activity. We will explore this relational dimension of the social as an aspect of interpreting that is equal to – possibly even more important than – sharing information between people who use different languages.

The course will run online from January 7, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

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Target Audience

This online course is for you if you have ever had anything to do with sign language interpreting. Particularly if you are a Hearing person (as perceived from the Deaf sightline) especially in the fields of emergency management, public safety, education, or have deaf employees or colleagues; a deaf or hard-of-hearing person who relies upon or feels most comfortable in ASL; friends or family or co-workers with someone who is D/deaf or losing their hearing; an interpreter (experienced or in training); an interpreter trainer, ASL or Deaf Studies teacher; interpreter researcher or scholar in any discipline; administrator or board member of a School for the Deaf; parent of a deaf child, sibling or Deaf parent of a hearing child, ( all variations accepted ); or just generally interested in the substance of difference – cultural and linguistic, modern and tribal, learning and teaching styles – and/or interest in social justice pedagogy.


  • We will read and discuss up to six academic articles and one novel at a comfortable pace.
  • We will experiment with ASL video assignments in addition to written English assignments.
  • You will be required to write, read, sign, and watch your colleagues’ contributions.
  • An additional 2 CEUs can be earned by joining an extra discussion forum and completing an individual synthesis project – details to be announced in March 2013.


The course combines objectives from a CIT Pre-conference, Introduction to Communication Theory for Simultaneous Interpreters, and a workshop at the RID Region II Conference on Introduction to Inter-Role Dialogue.

    • Describe the two dimensions of all communication (information transmission and ritual interaction) and their key components (space, time) and outcomes (control, relationship)
    • Explain how these dimensions of communication are balanced (or not) in your own interpreting, teaching/training, and/or interpersonal/interlocutor communications
    • Name at least three ways of understanding role
    • Talk about the interplay of functional roles in a group with the intercultural dynamics arising from defining role on the basis of identity
    • Identify the context of an interpreted interaction in time as well as space and describe how the context shapes interlocutor role choices
    • Discuss some of the paradigmatic implications of re-adjusting the balance of relationship and information in interpreting practice
    • Describe Goffman’s concept of footing and how it is relevant to interpreted interaction
    • Distinguish between the engineering concepts of accuracy and precision
    • Explain why this distinction between “accuracy” and “precision” may be important to interpreters, interpreter trainers, and interlocutors
    • Imagine and explain the uses of simultaneous interpretation for empowerment and social justice


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Informed Consent

Please be advised that you will be asked to complete an Informed Consent form for Human Subjects Research when you register. The PDF form is available for download here. You will have the right to decline involvement in the the action learning component of the course and still participate in the online course.


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