Organizing Dialogue, Experience and Knowledge for Complex Problem-Solving

Sarbjeet Singh

Sarbjeet is an Assistant Professor of Management at Kean University. He holds a PhD in Management from the University of Massachusetts. He is interested in the field of organizational learning, a subfield of organization studies that examines how successful organizations, by building learning capacities, adapt to changes in their environment. A characteristic of these organizations is that they do not leave learning to occur by chance but rather proactively build a learning culture, processes and learning systems to create, transfer and mobilize knowledge. A key element underlying the above endeavor is collective learning – individuals learning from and with each other – within the organization. When members of an organization resist the collective learning initiatives of the organization, which they do for various reasons, it presents a challenge to organizations striving to become learning organizations.  He is interested in examining why and how people resist participating in collective learning within organizations. With these insights, he aims to design structures - formal and informal, structural and motivational - to facilitate collective learning within organizations.