Organizing Dialogue, Experience and Knowledge for Complex Problem-Solving

LLR Brain Trust

Independent action research, education, training, and consulting for the social good.

The Brain Trust is the extended support network for the Learning Lab for Resiliency. Members of the Brain Trust compose a loosely-knit, volunteer learning society in support of mobilizing our different knowledges, experiences, and concerns for the social good.

  • Soirée-Leone


    Seeking spiritual and intellectual meaning. Participating in authentic relationships. Sharing skills and experience. Growing food and eating food in San Diego, California. Current project:

  • Laura Alayon

    Laura is a creative and interdisciplinary professional looking to forecast how resources management will perform and find incentives for designing political and methodological proposals that contribute to real solutions in specific contexts.

  • Anca Albu

    Anca Albu

    Results-oriented, strategically motivated and creatively driven. Sees challenges as opportunities for great innovation. A dual citizen who has lived in 3 different countries and travelled in over 30 (so far) with her expertise in international relations, design and passion for human rights, Anca works on creating and growing the global startup community, focusing on post-communist countries and the way cross-sector collaboration and shared values can create a collective impact in the East-Central European region.

  • Jean Arnaud

    Jean Arnaud

    Jean Arnaud currently works in Haiti as a consultant to facilitate community planning and action for ecological systems restoration. Jean's focus includes reforestation, sustainability education and ecological sanitation.

  • shabnambeheshti

    Shabnam Beheshti

    Shabnam works on Integrable Systems arising in Mathematical Physics, specifically in Geometric Relativity/Gravitation and more recently in Vortex Dynamics of Fluids.

  • julianchalek

    Julian Chalek

    Julian is a recent college graduate with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is interested in the convergence of science and media such as photography, audio production, animation, and computer based media.

  • chetanchawla

    Chetan Chawla

    trojan: mba'08 @USCMarshall. phd in strategy @IsenbergSOM focus: tech, business strategy, innovation. fight on!

  • Stacy Cohen

    Stacy Cohen

    Human. Seeker of context, story, and layers; agent of change. Focused on attachment, learning, technology, communication, representation, and access. We can do better, together.

  • mariagcorradini

    Maria Corradini

    Maria G Corradini specializes in food safety, predictive microbiology, non linear kinetics, luminescence spectroscopy and shelf life. Maria is a Professional Member of the Institute of Food Technologists, Sigma Xi, and has authored over 70 articles in peer reviewed journals and 8 book chapters.

  • James

    James Cumming

    James Cumming was initially trained as a civil engineer, became an assistant professor and consultant to Swedish development projects in Laos and Vietnam on technical communication, going on to facilitate multicultural communities and multinational groups addressing issues of language, culture, power differences, and change. In 2004 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and practices Tai Chi for its health and wellness benefits.

  • Mayel de Borniol

    Mayel de Borniol

    Mayel de Borniol and Josef Dunne are co-founder of Babelverse, the "universal translator" for spoken communication, a platform for on-demand remote interpretation in any language, powered by a global community of interpreters and multilingual people.

  • David de Smit

    David de Smit

    I am sowing and feeding, harvesting and eating, and sharing whatever and whenever I can. Is there something more that needs to be done? What kind of animal am I?

  • zeynepdelen

    Zeynep Delen

    I have lived in many places but I consider my hometown Ízmir, which is where I started sailing. I'm a chemist, skier, and advocate for liberal arts education. My second foreign language is German. I really enjoy dancing. I feel trapped when I don't see the horizon. I love adventures! Zeynep is Founder of Ege’de Atölye and Zeytin (that is, Olive).

  • mjd

    Michael J. DeLuca

    Writer, designer, treehugger, nerd.

  • Veerle Duflou

    Veerle is an EU accredited conference interpreter, interpreter trainer and researcher with an interest in ethnography, complexity, epistemology, learning, communities of practice and languages (Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German and Russian in particular).

  • Josef Dunne

    Josef Dunne

    Mayel de Borniol and Josef Dunne are co-founder of Babelverse, the "universal translator" for spoken communication, a platform for on-demand remote interpretation in any language, powered by a global community of interpreters and multilingual people.

  • niametany

    Niam Etany

    Niam Itani is a Lebanese award winning screenwriter & filmmaker. She strives to make films about social issues; mainly against war, discrimination, poverty and injustice of all kinds.

  • bobfletcher

    Bob Fletcher

    Bob is an emergency manager and the recent recipient of the Eric Tolbert Award from the National Emergency Management Association, for his life long commitment to emergency management standards and practices. He is an avid boater, fisherman and yogi. When he puts his mind to it, he is a good writer.

  • kimfletcher

    Kim Fletcher

    Crisis, cooking, boats. Horses, yoga, friends. I bring order to chaos.

  • Eileen Forestal

    Eileen Forestal

    Eileen is Deaf, a certified interpreter, activist for Deaf culture resiliency, interpreter educator.

  • evegruntfest

    Eve Gruntfest

    Eve is professor emeritus of Geography at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She just completed a draft of a textbook Weather and Society: Integrated Studies to be published by Wiley-Blackwell in 2013.

  • ligu

    Li Gu

    Please bear with me, I'm still not set on my bio.

  • Sanjana Hemanth

    Sanjana Hemanth

    Sanjana is a dreamer - a typical Piscean, she has built a couple castles in the air and is now trying to set their foundations studying Engineering at Purdue. She an amateur landscape artist and an avid reader who juggles social responsibilities with volunteer leadership.

  • jimmyilson

    Jimmy Ilson

    Jimmy Ilson is an artist, tai chi practitioner and instructor, avid gardener, folk guitar player, and writer of short poems. He also teaches high school art in Western Massachusetts.

  • Wing Jliang

    Wing Jliang

    There are something that we give it meaning beyond the object itself. Real travel is spiritual walk with views close to the heart, is the emotion with the integration of environment, is a return to the true nature. With our passion to embrace the world, with our feet to conquer the world, with our own ideas to influence the world.

  • juliejules

    Julie Jules

    Ms. Jules is an eclectic reader of the sciences, mathematics and philosophy with special concentrations in cross cultural networking, equine therapy and all things Deaf Art.

  • Salome Kahiu

    Salome Kahiu

    Salome Kahiu is an independent communications consultant in Nairobi, Kenya. She specializes in corporate communications, crisis management, stakeholder engagement and media relations. She has worked with various Government institutions as well as leading corporations in the private sector including, Google Sub-Saharan Africa, Diageo Africa, The French Development Agency (AFD), Internet Solutions Kenya, Kenya Airways, Telkom-Orange Kenya and The East African Breweries Ltd among others. Additionally, she has just concluded a one year associate-ship at the Five College Women’s Studies Research Centre in Massachusetts, USA. Here, she conducted a research which focused on the cultural transformations caused by the foretold technological evolution, the consequent shifting definitions of humanity and the disruption of the institutions and foundations which hold ‘proof’ of the same. Salome has BA in communications from Daystar University in Kenya and an MA in Global Media and Communications from Coventry University in the UK.

  • jeffkappen

    Jeff Kappen

    Jeff is also interested in organizational behavior and theory, business-society relations, and power and politics.

  • ambarishkarmalkar

    Ambarish Karmalkar

    I am focusing on climate change in Central America and the Andes and its impacts on biodiversity, water resources, and agriculture.

  • harshithkashyap

    Harshith Kashyap

    Harshith Kashyap is pursuing an undergraduate course in engineering at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. He is a web designer, programmer, gizmo freak and is interested in open source technologies. He is also a core member of the technopreneurship pod of the entrepreneurship cell Onyx at his college. Sports, especially Formula1 and Football, are his favorite.

  • Zack McCord

    Zack is a generalist software engineer with an eclectic background in language, AI, and litigation, seeking to apply technology to improve the lives we live not as consumers and producers but as human beings.

  • guymcpherson

    Guy McPherson

    Guy McPherson is professor emeritus, homesteader, and latter-day gadfly.

  • ruthmoore

    Ruth Moore

    I keep myself busy teaching American Sign Language courses at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. The goal is to reach college students and educate them in ASL, the deaf community, and Deaf culture. I cherish my family - my husband, our two sons and six grandchildren.

  • nancyjmurphy

    Nancy J. Murphy

    Nancy Jane Murphy is an attorney for the Protection and Advocacy Agency for Massachusetts, Disability Law Center. She is involved with developing emergency planning materials for individuals with disabilities, working for health care access and universal design in health care, and regularly monitoring facilities throughout the state.

  • satyampanday

    Satyam Panday

    Satyam's fields of specialization within economics are international development, macroeconomics and computational economics.

  • drewpidkameny

    Drew Pidkameny

    Drew Pidkameny is a freelance sign language interpreter who would like to see humanity survive its own adolescence.

  • anujpradhan

    Anuj Pradhan

    Anuj is intrigued by drivers' behaviors - why are car crashes the #1 killer for teenagers in the US, and pretty much globally. He studies this issue from a public health perspective. Anuj is from Bhutan, a small country that didn't used to have many cars. But now it does. And unsurprisingly, those driver statistics have become relevant even to remote Himalayan kingdoms.

  • srinidhiprahlad

    Srinidhi Prahlad

    Srinidhi Prahlad is the inventor of Reinventio. His passions include tinkering with Electronics, Experimental Teaching, Ancient Philosophy, Scientific Modelling, Sky Gazing, Ethical Entrepreneurship, and Making Faces at People.

  • nantzinrodriguez

    Nancy Rodriguez

    Nancy manifests creatively.

  • Liz Rosenberg

    Liz Rosenberg

    People call me Liz. I am a Rosenberg. The independent toy store I own in Amherst, MA gives me joy and the flexibility to chase my 2 daughters Celia and Rita, each of them young-going-on-old.

  • Erin Sanders-Sigmon

    Erin Sanders-Sigmon

    Broken ears, ambidextrously innovative non-compartmentalized thinker, diagnosed as gifted, survivor of ZOOM culture. Global. Woke. Have we met? 

  • annmariesauer

    Annmarie Sauer

    worked as a simltaneous interpreter poet, translator of poetry and other literary genres... curious in general and as to how this works i try to be a worker for peace

  • Don Shefer

    Don Shefer

    Don is an iOS Engineer and Mobile App Consultant who enjoys travel, technology, and sitting quietly.

  • razvansibii

    Razvan Sibii

    Razvan Sibii holds a B.A. degree in Journalism from the American University in Bulgaria. He has received an M.A. degree in Communication from UMass Amherst, and he is currently working on his Ph.D. dissertation in the same department. He is also a full-time lecturer in the UMass Journalism Program, and a foreign correspondent for Romania’s largest quality newspaper, Adevarul. He has taught dozens of undergraduate courses, both in-class and online (e.g., Newswriting and Reporting, Journalism Ethics, Cultural Codes in Communication, Media & Society, Media Criticism, Interpersonal Communication, News Analysis, Public Opinion). Raz’s scholarly interests include issues of identity, culture, and ideology; political communication; media & storytelling; and critical pedagogy.

  • Sarbjeet Singh

    Sarbjeet is interested in the field of organizational learning, a subfield of organization studies that examines how successful organizations, by building learning capacities, adapt to changes in their environment.

  • john

    John Smith

    John's graduate studies focus on Deaf education and Deaf culture with a specialization in visual learning.

  • davidspecht

    David Specht

    David Specht is a facilitator and mediator, serves as Director of Research and Organizational Services for Seeing Things Whole, and as faculty for the Woodbury Institute Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies Program at Champlain College. He lives with his wife Clare on a small farm in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts.

  • kim26stephens

    Kim Stephens

    Kim Stephens is an independent emergency management consultant and the lead blogger of iDisaster 2.0 where she writes about the benefits as well as the challenges of using social media for emergency communications.

  • gretasutherland

    Greta Sutherland

    I am Auntie. Mother. Daughter. Misfit. Sister. Believer. Liberal. Seeker. Wife. Reader. Writer. Artist. Friend and Loyal Ally.

  • Rebecca M. Townsend

    Rebecca M. Townsend

    Rebecca M. Townsend, Ph.D., won a Champions of Change Award for Transportation Innovation from the White House, and the International Association of Public Participation honored her work on public engagement of youth, minorities, and people with low incomes in culturally sensitive deliberation of transportation planning. She teaches and researches about ways people communicate.

  • valerevangerrewey

    Valeré Van Gerrewey

    An artist with great interest in shamanic art, comic strips, zines, young graphic designers and street art.

  • Charmaine Wijeyesinghe

    Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe, Ed. D. has been a social justice educator for almost 30 years. Stops along her career path include positions in higher education administration at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Dean of Students at Mount Holyoke College, and National Program Consultant for the National Conference of Christians and Jews (where she developed social justice programs and staff training modules for 62 regional offices around the country). Charmaine currently lectures and writes on Multiracial identity, the application of racial identity models to various areas of practice, and the promises and challenges of applying intersectionality to social identity models. She provides coaching and editorial services to authors seeking to promote social justice through their written words. Charmaine has 2 edited books (with Bailey Jackson) on racial identity development published by NYU Press, and several book chapters and journal pieces. She lives in Delmar, NY.